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The student is required to submit a research paper on a fire documenting the investigative process, evidence and facts used to make a determination of the fire’s cause. The fire chosen shall be analyzed as to whether the fire was determined to be accidental, natural or intentional and the reasoning behind the determination. The NFPA hexagon process and the scientific method shall be cited to show how the fire was determined to be one of the above types of fires. A systematic analysis shall be used and shown in the
paper of all the facts and evidence utilized by investigators to make a determination. All types of evidence ( physical, testimonial and documentary) that was used shall be discussed and cited. The fire chosen may be one of the student’s own experience ( either from Fire Dept. response or personal). The fire may also be one taken and researched from online, newspaper, magazine or any
other format. However, all research materials must be documented and listed in the bibliography. If you are at a loss for subject matter, try using a well-documented incident. Examples such as the World Trade
Center attacks of 1993 and 2001, the station nightclub fire, the cocoanut grove fire or any other such fire would have much written on it. Be aware that plagiarism is not allowed. Document all material used and give credit in a bibliography.
The research paper is worth 10 % of the final grade. It shall be typed and neatly printed. A hand written document will not be accepted. The research paper shall be of sufficient length and scope to do an adequate job of analyzing all the important criteria of the fire. The ideal paper should be of 5 to 6 pages
of font size 11. The research paper length shall be adequate to make all arguments and submit all evidence to substantiate your conclusion.

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