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Before you write your research paper, you will write an exploratory paper/research paper proposal. These two assignments go together; the work you do for the exploratory paper will be used in your research paper. In the exploratory paper, you will not state a thesis as you would in a typical paper. In this paper, you are giving an objective analysis of the issue. This means that rather than arguing your opinion on the issue, you are writing more like a reporter, describing and explaining the issue. The specific requirements for this paper are as follows:

Paragraph 1: Explain the issue. (5 points)
Paragraph 2: Describe the rhetorical situation (historical background information, what events have caused the debate, and who is involved). (5 points)
Paragraph 3-5: Summarize three positions on the issue along with some reasons for each of them. For each paragraph, you must use a scholarly, peer-reviewed source. (10 points each)
• Must have one source per paragraph
Paragraph 6: Explain your interest in the issue. Why did you choose the issue? (5 points)
Paragraph 7: Make a tentative claim that sets forth your position. (5 points)
*You must include a minimum of three sources in this essay*
*You may use first person in paragraphs 6 and 7 only

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