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In the first chapter of his book, Agar (1994) introduces number-one mentality and the corresponding deficit theory. For this essay, I would like you to explore either of these concepts (or both) using two real-world examples where you have either seen, experienced, or displayed a number-one mentality(or can apply deficit theory). The two examples can be personal, from media or other public domains, or a combination of both personal and public. Define the term/s(citing Agar), discuss them in relation to your examples and provide an analysis of what Agar’s concept can tell us about these real-world encounters.What overall conclusion can you draw from this analysis? Organize your essay around a central idea that links the two examples and provides an argument that either examines, critiques, or extends the utility of Agar’s number-one mentality and/or deficit theory.(You can also think of your central idea as the overall conclusion you draw from your analysis.)

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