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Discuss the historical evolution of public administration in the United States. What developments, events, and persons have served as forces for change? Consider our political traditions and the changing conceptions of the role of government and public bureaucracy. Include how perspectives on government and public administration have evolved and how differing perspectives continue to be a source of continuing conflict. How do you describe the current condition? What trends do you see for the future?

In this course you will be demonstrating your knowledge of public administration both generally and across some specific core areas. You will also be demonstrating your writing ability, and general research. This essay should be written in APA format. The essay should be fully researched with supportive, research materials. Essay should be 8-12 pages with both a cover page and reference page as defined in APA formatting. You may use any reference material you see fit however, each essay must be supported by no less than 6 referenced journal articles. All other reference and citation material should still be included in the reference page.

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