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TOPIC: Discuss the characteristics of an effective public organization. How do its structure and management practices affect organizational success? Discuss the elements that contribute to an effective organization, such as leadership, organizational structure, trust, and motivation. To what extent do personal attitudes, values, and behaviors of administrators affect their performance?

ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS: In this course you will be demonstrating your knowledge of public administration both generally and across some specific core areas. You will also be demonstrating your writing ability, and general research. To that end, this essay should be written in APA format. This essay should be fully researched with supportive, resource materials. Essay should be 8 pages with both a cover page and reference page as defined in APA formating. You may use any reference material you see fit however, each essay must be supported by no less than 7 referenced journal articles. All other reference and citation material should still be included in the reference page.

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