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Geospatial Information Systems allow an analysts to store, view, and analyze any information that is spatially referenced (has a latitude or longitude, address, or other location description). Former Director of National Intelligence, and former Director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, James Clapper once famously said, “everyone and everything has to be somewhere.”

By this he was making the case that GEOINT can be the one intelligence discipline that can integrate all of the other intelligence disciplines (Signals Intelligence – SIGINT, Human Intelligence – HUMINT, Open Source Intelligence – OSINT, and Measurement and signature intelligence – MASINT).


What did former DNI Clapper mean? Discuss how by using the geographic element (the location) of intelligence information GEOINT can be an integrator of all of the intelligence disciplines. Students are encouraged to use examples, either notional or (UNCLASS) personal experiences.

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