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100 points minimum
Student submitted a full page of writing utilizing at least ten terms, including at least one Critical Theory from Chapter 5, while providing a description or examples of how each term is used in the work.
This critique should be written all in your own words. You should not be using any word for word information found on websites or from the textbook without properly citing the source. Quotes should be limited to 1-2 sentences.

Note: History museums like The Civil Rights Museum, and purely commercial galleries like The Thomas Kincaid Galleries are not suitable for this particular assignment. You will be expected to submit at least two full pages for this assignment, utilizing at least ten or more terms from your textbook and including at least one critical theory from chapter 5. If you choose to include images, they should be on a third page and not embedded into the text portion of your paper. Please review the rubric for this assignment before you begin working.

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