Working with Families Plan

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he purpose of this assignment is to… Apply broad interpersonal communication skills in various settings.

Complete the following steps:
The purpose of this assignment is for the student to develop an understanding of policies and procedures which promote strong, positive relationships with families. Families who are involved in every aspect of the program are your strongest advocates. Note that family “involvement” includes listening to the ideas of parents. When we plan “with parents” rather than “for parents” we have greater participation. Programs which have low attendance at meetings planned for parents find that the participation goes up when a couple of parents are added to the planning committee. When we ask parents what will encourage parents to attend, we hear the great ideas our family members have. Parents can also serve on hiring committees, on the board of directors, and may spend after-hours volunteering.

Part 1: Family Involvement Activity (20 points):

Your task is to plan an event that highlights quality in ECE for families in your program or for families in your community.
The event must include families and the community and must have a clear purpose (to increase family involvement, share curriculum through a back to school night, build community relations, etc.). The event is not a fund raiser, but an event which is designed to educate and involve your community in ECE.
Include a plan overview which includes both the purpose and how families will be involved (in planning as well as participation). How will you make this appealing? Why will families want to be involved? What are the goals for the event?
Include the details…date, time, location, cost and other information which explains your family involvement activity.
Part 2: Parent/Family Handbook Policies (20 points)

Review at least one parent handbook for an early childhood program. It can be from your work or from the director you interviewed at the beginning of this course, or you can find samples online. State which 2 policies you feel are most important for developing positive relationships with the families in your program. (Discipline, Parent Conferences, Family Meetings, etc.) Cite the handbook(s) you used as the resources for this assignment and why these 2 policies are important, the consequences of the policies on the administrator, classroom.
Write 2 policies, using clear, positive statements in a format that would be included in your Center family handbook. (Don’t just write about the policy, the format for this section should read exactly the way you think a policy should be written for families.) If you are adapting a policy that you read in a sample handbook, be sure to fully cite the resource, explain what you have changed from the resource and why the changes are important.
Summarize this section, explaining why you feel that these 2 are important policies that will help build strong relationships between families and staff in your program.
Write a minimum 2 page paper including the information above.

Points will be assigned based upon APA style, content, correctly formatted citations, complete sentences, paragraphs, double-space, 1″ margins, spelling/grammar/punctuation/word usage and on-time submission.

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