Visualizing AES Cryptographic Encryption Algorithms

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Our project is to create an animation video explaining to the students this topic “Visualizing AES Cryptographic Encryption Algorithm”, which is encryption and encryption all of those .. So, our goal is to make these things easier and understandable to the students.

The primary objective of this assignment is to explain why the project is necessary and how it will succeed. To achieve this task, you will collaborate with your team members to brainstorm and discuss the project idea. During this assignment, you will:
1. Determine the problem statement and outline the project objectives, purpose and deliverables.
2. Conduct the operational and technical feasibility study. The operational feasibility test studies how the proposed product will fit into the current day-to-day operations of the organization, while the technical
feasibility test analyses the relevant projects/techniques/tools in the literature.
3. List your contribution, the project deliverables, and how you will solve the problem.
4. Communicate professionally with multiple audiences.

Problem Statement
1. Problem Statement. Write a concise description to contextualize and understand the significance of
your problem.
Project objective
2. Project Objectives. Write at least 400 words to explain how you intend to address the problem by
seeking out the reasons behind the problem and proposing more effective approaches to tackling or understanding it. For example: What value does this project add to the organization? How does this project align with the strategic priorities of the organization? What results are expected? What are the high-level deliverables? What benefits will be realized? What problems will be resolved?


My part is to conduct a feasibility study. The point is to determine weather the
project is feasible. I mean it should contain enough information. All the parts of a normal feasibility study. The goal of our project is to create a video explaining AES cryptography methods. It’s a very easy project.

We will do the implementation later. We are now just doing the proposal part.

I want to clarify that the video we will create is to be shown for all IT security Students world wide: Not just for our college students.

Also the project has no budget. So no need for cost estimate. However, you can write a small paragraph just saying that it’s financially feasible

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