unit 4 discussion 1

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Assessing Client Progress
Treatment planning is an essential skill for all clinicians and can be considered a road map for the therapeutic process. A treatment plan is evident in all stages of the treatment process and is different from the stages of treatment. It is important not to confuse treatment planning with the stages of treatment.

Systemic family therapists cocreate the treatment plan with the clients. As road maps, treatment plans include measurable goals to gauge progress. For this post, discuss the parts of a treatment plan and some ways by which you identify progress.

As shared in your Theory and Treatment Planning in Family Therapy text(uploaded via addl material Theory and Treatment Planning in Family Therapy: A Competency-Based Approach
Diane R. Gehart), consider the phases of the therapeutic process (initial, working, closing) and discuss how you will monitor progress toward goals. In the working phase, it is important to maintain momentum. Ask “Is progress being made?” If not, what can be done to help make a shift? Might goals need to be revised or updated? You may use strategies such as scaling questions or ask your clients to rate their own change through the use of items such as the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS). In your post, please address the following:

Identify the three parts of a treatment plan and briefly discuss the purpose of each part.
Identify a strategy to use for monitoring progress in therapy.
Discuss what you might do if no progress is being made.
Discuss ways diversity issues can be addressed in the assessment and treatment-planning process.

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