treating a patient with psychosis

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This is a revision that I need to add to a paper. This needs to be private and 100% plagiarism free. I just need as many refences and pages as necessary. I need this done asap. Here are the revisions required: 1. Ethical issues: discuss how to assess competency to consent for treatment in the case of clients who present with low intellectual functioning and/or psychotic issues.

2. Treatment outcomes: discuss outcome measures that could have been used to assess client’s progress regarding anxious, depressed, psychotic sx.
BAI, measure of anxiety, BDI measure of depression, FAST measure of suicidal ideation and intent, MCMI-III measure of trauma and Avoidant personality characteristics, MMPI-2 scales indicate psychosis and delusional thinking or unusual beliefs, PSYRATS use this for on-going measure in reduction/remittance of psychotic symptoms, WAIS-IV is helpful for level of cognitive functioning and in areas of memory often affected in patients with depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

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