Transgender and the Catholic Church

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This paper should take a position whether or not it is ethical to practice sexual reassignment to treat gender dysphoria, as it only treats a symptom of the underlying problem. It should reference the following: Dr. McHugh
Anderson, Ryan T. When Harry Became Sally. New York: Encounter Books, 2018.
Bader-Saye, Scott. “The Transgender Body’s Grace.” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics. Vol. 39, no. 1. 2019: 75-92.
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Bedford, Elliott Louis and Jason T. Eberl. “Is the Soul Sexed? Anthropology, Transgenderism, and Disorders of Sex Development.” Health Care Ethics. USA 24.3 Summer 2016: 18–33
Gremmels, Becket. “Sex Reassignment Surgery and the Catholic Moral Tradition.” Health Care Ethics. USA 24.1 Winter 2016: 6-10.
Versaldi, Giuseppe Cardinal. Male and Female He Created Them. Vatican City, Vatican Press, 2019.

Additionally, this is a position paper, not a research paper. In other words, the primary objective is to make a claim regarding sexual ethics and to defend this claim with sound argumentation and reference to appropriate sources. Your paper will have a clearly stated thesis somewhere in the opening paragraph. While in many cases it will be prudent to reference texts that have not been assigned in this course, this is by no means a requirement. Avoid lengthy summaries of others’ positions unless you are engaging in an extended critique of an author’s argument (in which case you’ll want to make sure that you represent his/her position adequately). Also avoid laundry lists of viewpoints that you do not intend to engage directly in your paper. Again, you should prioritize constructive argumentation over bibliographical thoroughness.
In articulating your position, two things should be clear: 1) your position’s relationship to Catholic teaching on sexuality, and 2) the actual positions / thinkers opposed to your own position. Regarding the former, you’ll want to clarify whether you’re aiming to defend a certain aspect of the Church’s teaching, whether you’re offering a new interpretation or application of the Church’s teaching, whether you’re challenging the Church’s teaching, or something else. Regarding the latter, you’ll want to identify opposing viewpoints, identify the strongest argument(s) in favor of those viewpoints, and explain the weaknesses of the argument(s).

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