Title IX and gender equity in college athletics.

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Title IX and gender equity in college athletics. Specifically, look through the NCAA Demographics Database (Links to an external site.) to identify evidence that informs your understanding of gender equity in college athletics. Make sure to look at multiple levels (such as leadership, coaching staff, and students) and multiple sports to determine differences related to gender equity. Also consider how race and ethnicity impacts your findings. Make sure to review at least 3 specific sports under the tab “COACH AND STUDENT-ATHLETE DEMOGRAPHICS BY SPORT”

Write a 1–2 page essay (double spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font) that responds to the following:

Is there evidence that gender equity has or has not been achieved in NCAA athletics?
Is there evidence that race and ethnicity impact disparities in gender equity?
Are there any relevant differences between different sports regarding representation and equity?
***For the strongest score, frame your findings within the context of Schultz’s arguments in the course text.***

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