Title: American Freedom: Healthcare For All

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Working Thesis: Primarily, every individual should have access to universal healthcare within the United States. 

Attached are the articles I need to use. It is three different sources. Please do not use any other sources, only these three I included. 

Instructions for paper.

This is a Persuasive Essay where you take one stand on one issue of your choosing, something you personally think addresses a real-world “monster” in our society. At the bottom of this assignment descriiption is a list of possible topics you may choose from. If your topic is not on this list, you must get approval from me before writing the essay. 

You must argue using Pathos, Logos, and Ethos in this essay, and you must refute, accommodate, or recognize opposing viewpoints. It is highly recommended that you follow the structure discussed extensively in class. Please note: failure to include any of these aspects of the essay will result in a poor grade. 

You must have a MINIMUM of 2 sources cited in this paper as support.  These sources must be considered valid for this course. That means no Wikipedia, no personal blogs, etc. 

This essay must have between 1250-1750 words.

All of your sources for this assignment come from the BRCC Online Library Databases


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