Three Country Criminal Justice System Comparison

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Paper must be in proper APA style of writing. Your three countries may be selected from any you read about in the course from the textbooks, the chapter PowerPoints, or the internet sites. The choice is made by the student and is part of this assignment. philosophies and the procedures used to implement the law in the three countries chosen. You may focus on policing, the courts, or corrections or do an overview of all three. The paper must be six pages and must have a properly formatted bibliography containing at least five references other than your textbook. All sources of information must have a known author (person or agency) and date of publication (not date of posting). The paper must be printed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins at top, bottom, and both sides. Font size must be 11 or 12. must have a title page, be paginated, and have internal sub-headings to help organize the content. The bibliography should be titled either References or Selected References.
**Don’t mind the textbook citations I’ll be sure to include those myself when checking over the paper thank you!

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