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Title: Students must create a meaningful title for this essay. Please do not use the word “Research Project” as the title.

Instructions: Students are to prepare a research-based argument involving a debatable issue. Using sources found in the library, on the virtual library database, and through interviews and other source material, students are to produce a 1500-2000-word argument.

Source Material and Citations: At least three academic (scholarly, peer reviewed) sources must be cited in the report and acknowledged on the Works Cited page. Two additional sources (grand total of five) are required. Additional sources are allowed. A maximum of three (3) direct quotations may be included. All in-text citations (through signal phrase or parenthetical citation) must be listed on the Works Cited page.

Purpose: The purpose of this argumentative project is for students to enhance their understanding of academic research and engage in the development of a research-based project.

Format and length: The assignment is to be completed using the MLA 8th Edition format. On average, these essays tend to fall between 1500-2000 words. This is approximately 6-8 typed, double-spaced pages (in size 11 or 12 font).

Submission type: All writing assignments must be submitted online in the IvyLearn course.

Due Dates: All related due dates are available on the IvyLearn course calendar.

Scoring Rubric: The scoring rubric for the final draft is available on the “Research-Based Argumentative Essay” assignment link.



Points Possible:

Focus: Controlling idea is refined and argumentative. No digression within the essay. Very clear and distinct sense of purpose.


Organization: Compelling logical plan. Like ideas are clustered together. Transitions between concepts and sentences are exemplary. Introduction and conclusion effectively relate to the whole.


Support: Highly convincing use of reliable and appropriate evidence.


Critical Thinking: In-depth ability to apply, analyze, and synthesize information as a basis for developing ideas and claims. No errors in logic.


Voice/Tone: The voice/tone is appropriate and consistent tone throughout the profile


Documentation: Correct use of in-text citations and list of sources (5 minimum, as stated in the Assignment Sheet) in MLA (8th Edition) Style. Highly effective and correct use of protocols for paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting. A maximum of three (3) direct quotations were incorporated.




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