The Pursuit of Happiness movie – Roundtable discussion

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The influences of culture, socioeconomic status, and mental health on community health will be explored by watching a contemporary film dealing with these topics. Students will choose their film for the semester from a list provided by faculty by writing their choice on the Discussion Board by June 20th. They will then participate in an online discussion of the film. Students will be evaluated on thoughtful and consistent participation in the online discussion, which will take place July 12th through July 25th.

The discussion will open with several “prompts” provided by faculty: questions to get you thinking about the relationship of the film to community and public health. Please post an initial response to the Discussion Board in which you address each of these questions. You will then respond to your peers on the Discussion Board, commenting on their perspective, offering new perspectives of your own, and posing new questions about the film. Participation in the Film Discussion is worth a total of 50 points. Grading is based on consistent and reflective participation, including one initial post responding to faculty’s prompts and a minimum of four additional posts to peers.

The list of potential films to discuss is available here:

Moral Considerations

Is homelessness a moral, a political, or a technical issue for you? What’s the difference?
How do your personal values and morals mold your thinking about homelessness?
What are the influences on your values as they apply to homelessness (your education, your experience at work or at home, from politicians, etc.)? Do you see any conflicts in these influences? How do you reconcile those?
Holistic View

What is the relationship between housing status and health?
Are you always aware of your patients’ housing arrangements?
Thinking in terms of social determinants of health, do nurses have an obligation to act if they suspect that a patient is homeless? Why or why not?
Personal Impact

What do you remember best from the film?
What is your overall feeling after watching the film?
Has this film changed your awareness of homelessness? If so, how? If not, why?

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