The new Jim Crow

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Your book report over “THE NEW JIM CROW” will need to follow the following format:

I. Introduction (1 page)

II. Summary of the book (2-3 pages) including specific page number references or time stamp references.

III. Discussion of how presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush directly influenced this concept of mass incarceration (include specific page number references or time stamps if you listened to Audible)

IV. Include a self-created timeline of 50 events discussed in the book that lead to what the author is referring to as “THE NEW JIM CROW”. You can use a bullet point for each item and describe the event in a minimum of 2 complete sentences (5-7 page minimum)- include specific page number references or time stamps for each item

V. A personal reflection. What did you learn? What can you do? Where do we go from here? (2-3 pages)

***Quotes are not allowed. Everything should be in your own words.***

The book report should be 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, and NORMAL sized fonts. Please make sure you pay attention to the page requirements above.

If your Unicheck score is higher than 25%, you will receive and automatic score of 0%.

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