The last Phase of the Project

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We have been working on a report, and now we are doing the last part which has the following instructions:
– Risks: develop risk matrix for 3 technical risks in the project (use same format in our presentation and add a column for the costs)
– Execution: Add a section that lists duties of the project manager during project execution.
– Closure: Add a section that lists activities to be done by the project manager in order to close the project successfully.
– Conclusion: a brief on lessons learned from the project.
I will attach a sample from a previous student.  Please, note the sample is not very perfect especially at the conclusion because it does not address “issues learned from the project”. So, make sure you write a better conclusion that meets the requirements (I will attach some contents I say on the web that I think are useful for writing out the section, but you are not limited to it).  I will also attach the copy of the whole report that we have been working on over a duration. 

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