The International Monetary Fund: Stabilization of Nations

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Write about the International Monetary Fund. More specifically, focus on how the IMF determines the need to intervene, the various actions they can take with respect to a financial crisis, and the overall effectiveness of this system. Use several state examples to explore this – like, for example, actions that the IMF took with respect to Venezuela, Greece, and Serbia, etc.

A) TOPIC: Paper should be designed around analyzing the effectiveness of the IMF (from its position as an international organization and its contribution as a regime complex).

The proposal here is an analysis of how effective the IMF is as an organization in stabilising or fixing nations following a financial crisis. What are the arguments and examples (Greek financial crisis) that support the effectiveness of the IMF and vice versa against the IMF?

*Analyze the topic of the IMF and its effectiveness via a political theory (realism/liberalism/constructivism/marxism): In this case, reference cases of IMF intervention and how the theory would conclude the effectiveness of the IMF. (A realist may look positively at Venezuela’s refusal to the IMF due to wishing to retain sovereignty: case of Greece needing to repay IMF but experiencing conflict with constituents due to recession as an example of Principal-Agent Theory). Emphasis on primarily ONE of these theories then in the latter portion of the paper, emphasize on another. However, demonstrate why the former theory is better at explaining the IMF’s ability to stabilize economies and be effective.

Theory and policy argument in favour of IMF.

Argument for IMF and Stability: IMF -> Economic Turmoil -> Nation in Trouble -> Intervention -> Recovery -> Stability
Page Numbers
Headings for the Introduction – Analysis – Conclusion
2500-3000 words not including title or bibliography.

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