the hunger games film

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We began the semester with my proposition that every film genre draws on (at least some of) the principles of melodrama (good/evil character types with little gray area, sudden reversals of fortune, conflicts within the family as a substitute for broader societal conflicts, and the use of significant objects, among other characteristics).

In this 600-800 word essay, choose one of the films that we have studied this semester and discuss how it draws on the characteristics of melodrama.

Consider these questions:

What genre does this film “fit” in, and which genres does it combine?

Which characteristics of melodrama does this film use? How does the use of melodrama interact with the film’s primary genre?

How do these characteristics contribute to one of these aspects of the film: character development, theme, or implicit or explicit meaning?

Be sure to attend to audiovisual as well as narrative elements (that is, discuss visual elements as well as the film’s narrative as your evidence).

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