The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough

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This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.
150-250 words. The Reading Summaries are designed to help you grapple with the concepts in the readings and apply them to issues of social justice and structural inequality. You will summarize each reading, clearly mark what you grasped from it, and ask questions about what you do not understand. Below, I outline what you need to do for each Reading Summary and how they will be graded.

How to Write the Reading Summaries:

Write in clear, grammatically correct, typo-free sentences.
Identify, to the best of your ability, the author’s thesis/goal/point in the essay.
This will require you to read the entire essay, and take notes on it as you read.
Identify the page number(s) that told you this was the thesis/goal/main point.
How does this reading help us understand structural inequality?
Think about this in terms of gender at the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, ethnocentrism, etc.
Identify the strengths and weakness of the essay.
This may simply mean identifying what you do or not agree with.
Ask questions about the essay.
What did not make sense to you?
Where were you confused?
What passages from the essay were difficult to follow, but you felt were likely important.
Identify page numbers for everything you reference in the essay.
How the Reading Summaries will be Graded:

You will Not lose points for incorrect explanations of the readings; most of us will struggle to make sense of the readings on the first try. However…
You lose points if I cannot deduce from what you wrote that you actually read the assigned readings.
You lose points for unclear, sloppy writing.
You lose one point for failing to at least try to identify the thesis/goal/point of the readings.
You lose one point for failing to identify strengths of the readings.
You lose one point for failing to identify weaknesses of the readings.
You lose one point for failing to ask questions of the readings.

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