The Executive vs. the Legislature

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As people criticize or praise President Trump, and before him President Obama, for their use of executive and presidential powers, a timely question is: Which branch of the government holds more power? This question can be analyzed using the Constitution and the 27 amendments. What specific powers does each branch have? How do the two branches overlap? What checks and balances are there between those two branches? Overall, which has more power and duties and responsibilities in our government, according to the words of the US Constitution (including its 27 amendments)?You will need a copy of the current text of the US Constitution and the amendments (there is one in the back of the textbook – the sections in italics are the original parts that have been removed). You do not need to do any outside research, and in fact, you are discouraged from doing any outside research. I want your analysis of how the Constitution and Amendments address this issue of the relative powers of the Executive and Legislative branches.If you do engage in any outside research, then you need to cite every source you use for every idea and piece of information you provide. I will expect properly formatted endnotes (not the AP style using parentheses), and I will expect a full works cited page. However, if you only use the Constitution and the Amendments and your own thoughts and analysis without any outside help, then you will not need endnotes, since I will know the sources you used. However, please include a Bibliography/Works Cited page with all papers.

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