The Essential of Statistics; A tool for social research

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1.4 For each of the following items from a public-opinion survey, indicate the level of measurement.
In what country were you born?
What is your age?
How many years of school have you completed?
What is your occupation?
If you were asked to use one of these four names for your social class, in which would you say you belonged?

1.6 For each research project listed here, identify the variables and classify them in terms of level of measurement and whether they are independent or dependent.
a. For a research project in a political science course, a student collected information for 50 nations. She used infant mortality rates (the number of infant deaths per 100,000 population) as a measure of quality of life and the percentage of all adults who are permitted to vote as a measure of democrati- zation. Her hypothesis was that quality of life is higher in more democratic nations.
b. A highway engineer wonders whether increasing the speed limit on a heavily traveled high- way will result in more accidents. He plans to collect information on traffic volume, number of accidents, and number of fatalities for the six- month periods before and after the speed limit is changed.
c. Students are planning a program to promote “safe sex” and awareness of other health concerns on campus. To measure the effectiveness of the pro- gram, they plan to survey students about their knowledge of safe sex practices before and after the program.

1.8 For each of the first 10 items in the General Social Survey (see Appendix G), indicate the level of measurement.
1.Please tell me if you think it should be possible for a woman to get a legal abortion if . . .
2.She wants it for any reason. 1. Yes
2. No 0. IAP, 8. DK, 9. NA
3.The family is very low income and can’t afford any more children. (Same scoring as abany)
4. Age of respondent 18–89. Actual years
99. NA
6.How often do you attend religious services? 0. Never 1. Less than once per year 2. Once or twice a year 3. Several times per year 4. About once a month 5. 2–3 times a month 6. Nearly every week 7. Every week 8. More than once a week 9. DK or NA
7.The universe began with a huge explosion. Is that true or false? 1. True
2. False 0. IAP, 8. DK, 9. NA

8.Do you favor or oppose the death penalty for persons convicted of murder? 1. Favor
2. Oppose
0. IAP, 8. DK, 9. NA
9.How many children have you ever had? 1–7. Actual number
8. Eight or more
9. DK, NA

10.Subjective class identification 1. Lower class
2. Working class 3. Middle class 4. Upper class 0. IAP, 8. DK, 9. NA

In general, how close do you feel to blacks? 1. Not at all close 5. Neither one nor the other 9. Very close
0. IAP, 98. DK, 99. NA
Respondent’s highest degree 0. Less than high school 1. High school 2. Assoc./junior college 3. Bachelor’s
4. Graduate
7. IAP, 8. DK, 9. NA
Highest year of school completed 0–20. Actual number of years
97. IAP, 98. DK, 99. NA
Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.
1. True 2. False 0. IAP, 8. DK, 9. NA

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