The Crucible

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The focus of our course is Literature as Witness, so your research should investigate The Crucible helps you understand the history of the Colonial Period.


Creating a Literature Review/Enhanced Annotated Bibliography

In order to receive full credit for this assignment, you will create a Literature Review/Enhanced Annotated Bibliography using seven (7) steps.

Please label each section in the following way:

1.  Citation information for the peer-reviewed journal article should be presented in MLA format.  Format this for inclusion in a Works Cited page. (Remember this must be an academic, peer-reviewed article) 

If you are unsure if your selected article is a peer-reviewed academic journal article, please visit the John Jay Library’s video and instruction page: “What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article?   If this link does not work, you can find the material by going to The Lloyd Sealy Library, look under LibGuides, go to the Evaluating Information Sources section, and open the “What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article?” page.

2.  Summary of your selected journal article (150-200 words).

3.  Explanation of why you selected this article (100-150 words).

4.  Select two quotes from the article that you think would be useful.  Cite each quote properly using MLA style as if it were in a body paragraph.

A.  Quote one:

B.  Quote two:

5.  Explain how these quotes support your paper’s Argumentative Thesis. (50-75 words each)

         A.  Quote one: (50-75 words each)

B.  Quote two: (50-75 words each)

6.  Create a Work Cited page that includes all of the material for this paper (including your selected fiction).

7.  Submit a PDF of the full peer-reviewed journal article. (a link will not fulfill this requirement.) 

Recourses to help you complete this assignment:   MLA Style Guide, 8th Edition This is the current version of the MLA style.

If you have any questions, follow the link to Purdue’s English Department for further information about Annotated Bibliographies:

Please access John Jay library.

Here is a link to the instruction folder:

I have included everything. Please let me know if you need anything else.
Please follow the instructions and rubric. Otherwise professor will not grade. Please follow professor instructions. I have to do 3 more similar assignments. So I can request you to write.

You can choose any related article. I have no idea


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