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WHAT’S NEXT? Here is the PROMPT for the FINAL Work for the 6 Tech Essays:

You are now writing a Technology ESSAY, which is due in Week 5 on Wednesday, July 21st, 11:59PM.

Here are the details for this essay:

Using the 6 technology essays from Week 3 and Week 4, write an essay that includes
an Introductory paragraph (start with a HOOK such as a quote or question (series of questions); then a CONTEXT, then a CONTROLLING IDEA (Thesis),
2-6 body paragraphs that utilize the SIX TECH ESSAYS that we read and wrote about in Week 3 and Week 4
a concluding paragraph (that includes predictions and/or recommendations (and DO NOT REPEAT ANYTHING FROM THE PRIOR PARAGRAPHS)
Word Count: 950-1250 words
that DISCUSSES the Positive and Negative effects of Internet technology on our 21st Century American society,
according to the six authors in these 6 tech essays.
be FAIR-MINDED for BOTH SIDES of the discussion.
THAT IS, USE CRITICAL THINKING in your essay so that you present BOTH SIDES with a balanced, even perspective.
This is your ONE chance at a READING-BASED ESSAY that refers to multiple sources and demonstrates CRITICAL THINKING/Fair-Minded writing.

Yes, you can use other sources of your own if you want to, but the six readings are the focus.

Set up your MLA format in STYLES, NO SPACING and
use manual double spacing.
There should be 24 lines on page 1 (and all subsequent pages).
It is not possible to meet these requirements in google docs. So do not use google docs. Thank you.
Yes, you can use some or most of what you have already written in the prior two weeks.
But what you have written so far must be revised into an actual ESSAY (intro, body PPs, Conclusion)
You can do whatever you want, as long as ALL OF THE WRITING is written by YOU and no one else. Remember what the syllabus says about Plagiarism….
Be careful about doing your own writing…. We are at the start of Week 5, so I am familiar with your writing style in a variety of formats, from emails to Discussion Board postings to written assignments. Please, NO PLAGIARISM at this point in the class! Just do your own writing! I am so sorry to have to say this, but you would be surprised by the MANY plagiarism stories that I could tell you…. They are all heart-breaking, and they result in an F in the class. So do your own writing, thanks!
USE WORD (or PDF) submissions (NO GOOGLE DOCS).
A Works Cited page is required with all six essays on it. If you use other sources, include the other sources on your Works Cited Page.
I give some samples of MLA format and of a Works Cited page at the end of the “Consumerism” reading (see Week 5 To-Do Listing in Week 5 Module).
I realize you are feeling pressure at this important cross-roads in this FAST-PACED class, but PUSH AHEAD. HANG IN THERE. No excuses, no work schedule conflicts, etc.

YOU MUST MEET THIS DEADLINE OF Wednesday July 21st, 11:59PM. If you are late, you can still submit it into CANVAS as late as July 22nd, 11:59PM, but it will be marked LATE.

DO YOUR BEST. That is all you can do. HANG IN THERE! (ooops, I already said that)….


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