Team Project:

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This is a group project. Each group s required to
perform an in-depth analysis of a company and the industry in which it operates and submit one written report. 

We have selected iPhone company for this project. 

Please follow the guidelines attached to this order to help me score a full mark. 

Make sure you understand all the instructions well. 

The report should cover 30 pages with double spacing and 12-point size font. (excluding cover page, tables, figures, appendices, and

• The cover page should provide the complete name of the group members, student ID number,
and course code.

• The report should contain the following: (1) A cover page listing team members; (2) Table of
contents; (3) Executive Summary; (4) Company Background / History; (5) Analysis (SWOT);
(6) Alternatives; (7) Decision; (8) Implementation; (9) List of References; (10) Appendices. 

Please give me an A in this report. 

All the best. 

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