Sustainability Task

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When you read this announcement you are (hopefully) only a few days away from a course filled with inspiration and knowledge sharing. On Monday the 3rd of May we start the course with a focus on the sustainability marketing part of the course. To allow for good and inspiring discussions I want you to be somewhat prepared and have started to think more actively about sustainability.

In preparation for the lecture on Monday the 3rd:

· Read the course syllabus.

· Think about the following questions:

1. a) What is sustainability to you? b) How interested are you in sustainability? c) How do you keep up with sustainability developments and discussions?

2. From a sustainability perspective a) What do you believe is the way forward out of the Corona pandemic? b) What “new habits” should we keep and what “old habits” should we go back to?

In preparation for the lecture on Tuesday the 4th:

· Think about the following questions:

1. a) How is my consumption defining who I am? b) To what extent am also I (through my consumption and lifestyle) responsible for the development in the world? (e.g. environmental and social sustainability)

2. How do you believe media should/should not report on sustainability in order to make the audience less uninterested, less skeptical, less unengaged, and more committed towards sustainability?

· Upload a piece of media communication (e.g. a video commercial or print ad) which is focused on, or touches on, the topic of sustainability (e.g. sends a sustainability message while promoting an offer) in the designated forum on MyMoodle called “Sustainability communication”. It can either be a good example and/or bad example. Please upload your chosen piece of communication no later than Tuesday the 4th of May at 12:00 o´clock (noon).

Some information. I will also talk about this on Monday, at the introduction.

As you may have seen – I have made some adjustments in the schedule. When it comes to dates, nothing added only changed.

The Economics parts consist mainly of recorded lectures that will be opened according to notes in the reading list. The live lectures are ment to be about discussions and questions relating to specific parts of the material. This means – for each live lecture, check the lectures in advance and be prepared. Think about specific questions that you are interested in or have questions about the theories that are, maybe, tricky to understand.

The aim of theese live lectures is to have good discussion with the starting point of your interest/questions as students.

Enclosed with this announcement you will find both the reading list and a “new schedule for discussion sessions”. Both of theese documents are also available in the file “Lecture documents Economics“. If you have any questions about them – ask on Monday at the introduction. (Seems like I only can attach one file at a time. You will find the schedule in an other announcement in a minute…)

Here is the second file – the “new schedule for discussion sessions”.

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