Stress Prevention Plan Journal Entry #1-I have stress dealing with the public and I do not sleep

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I also do yoga to help me deal with stress and interacting with the public and I also stress eat sometimes.

For the first entry, we will explore interpersonal stress and boundaries. Social support can be one of the biggest factors in health and happiness; however, communicating within personal and professional relationships can often be a stressor in and of itself. While assertiveness may come naturally for us in some settings, all of us struggle with assertiveness at one time or another. We will be utilizing some of the skills training available in the Davis et al. book to begin addressing some of these “problem scenes.” Begin by reading through chapter 17 of the book to develop an idea of what assertive communication is (and is not), what legitimate rights are, and how to develop a script (or working plan) for dealing with a problem scene assertively. There are five elements in a script which can be found on page 262 in Davis.
For your first journal discussion (due by Sunday night):
Pick a situation where you are struggling (or often struggle) with assertiveness.This can be anything from work, to home, to friendships, to dealing with the public, to… the sky is the limit! Choose a scenario that typically causes you to struggle with effective assertive communication.
Use the 5 elements under “Your Script for Change” (step 4 in the Davis text, pp. 262-269) to develop a plan of assertive communication in this particular setting. This will be the foundation of your journal entry this week. First, make sure to use the rest of the chapter as reference to better understand assertive communication and writing a script for change. Provide a general “overview” of your Script for Change (sometimes referred to as a Ladder Script) in your journal entry. In other words, create a scenario with actual dialog between you and the other person that will act as your script for dealing with the situation in real life.
Next, briefly discuss how you felt creating this Script for Change and your confidence level in addressing the situation using this tool. What factors might hold someone back from assertive communication, and what barriers could you see with using this tool effectively? How effective do you think using this script would be in addressing the issue that causes you concern?

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