Stress Prevention Journal Entry #5 Part 2: Covey’s Quadrant TechniqueStress Prevention Journal Entry

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Part 2:
Choose one day this week to try out Covey’s Time Management Quadrant Technique. Spend some time in the morning or the day before going through the steps outlined in chapter 11 in Olpin to fill out Quadrant 1 and 2.
In Quadrant 4, you may want think about behaviors you typically engage in that fall in this category. This will help you bring awareness to these low-value behaviors, so if you find yourself engaged in them, you can redirect your energy. As you go through your day, you may continue to update your Quadrants, listing items that perhaps popped up in Quadrant 3 or other categories.

Reflect on these questions in your second and final Stress Prevention Journal entry:
1. How did enacting this time management strategy in your life affect the way you spent your day?
2. What did you learn regarding your behavior or ways you spend your time by completing this activity?
3. What quadrant did you spend the most time in and why?
4. What quadrant did you spend the least time in and wy?
5. Based on your use of the quadrant technique, what would you change or modify for next time?

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