Strategic management, external analysis.

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Undertake wide-ranging reading to ensure that you have a proper grasp of what ‘discontinuities’ and ‘megatrends’ mean and the distinction between these concepts

Ensure that your reading enables you to address the issue of what these concepts mean for businesses/organisations and for the Strategic Management process.

Evaluate the literature and the research to identify a model that may help to assess and evaluate discontinuities and megatrends.

Make sure that your reading equips you to be aware of how Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) might make sense of and strategically respond to such change situations.

Identify an example and evaluate how a CEO has responded appropriately to these change situations.


The output of the process is the production of an essay in academic style that fully addresses the issues and answers the topic. It is important that you adhere to academic conventions of citation and referencing.

The structure of your assignment is to be as follows:

A brief abstract (or overview) of your key arguments and conclusions (50 words)

Introduction to the topic of your essay and what the essay will cover.

Body of essay

Outline the selected concepts of external analysis, including definitions of each concept, how they relate and how they differ.

Discuss where these concepts fit within the Strategic Management process.

Outline and discuss a model used to assess the role and impacts of discontinuities and megatrends on an organisation.

Discuss how CEOs should respond to these change situations.

Choose a case and evaluate how a CEO has responded appropriately to these change situations.

Conclusions and implications

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