(“Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” or “America Skips School”).

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At the end of this unit, you will write an 800-1000 word strong response essay in which you respond to one of the two assigned articles for the unit (“Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” or “America Skips School“).

A Few Notes:

=> You may choose to incorporate rhetorical critique, ideas critique, and/or reflective response. 

=> Because our essay is fairly short and we have all read the same articles, I would like for you to only include a short summary within the introduction paragraph. That is, you should follow Framework 6.2 EXCEPT combine the Introduction, Summary, and Thesis into a single paragraph.

=> You will need to cite the article you used in MLA 8th edition style at the end of your essay. You may copy/paste the relevant citation from this document. 

=> Remember, the key to a response essay is sharing what you think about the article. Be careful not to just summarize what the article has said. Even if you agree with the article, you need to explain why!

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