Single Subject Design Paper

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Single Subject Design Paper

Please let me know if you have any questions; my paper will be on weight loss (tracking my weight loss). The goal will be to lose 3 pounds starting from 10/5/21 to 10/31/21. My starting weight was 174 (10/5/21), and I will be using a scale to measure it. I plan to replace two meals per day using Herbalife shakes as a meal replacement. I will replace breakfast and lunch. Please play with the numbers and use the graph attached to enter the information of every day. So, far I have lost 1 pound (10/16/21)  When answering the question below, we can refer to us as (ourselves or I). the first question ( Briefly describe yourself (demographic information). I am a Hispanic woman, born in New York City; my parents are from the Dominican Republic, my age is 37, I am a full-time DOE employee (first grade, teacher assistant). if you have any other questions or anything else that should be added to the paper please let me know and I can give you the answer. Thank you

Paper Details

The purpose of this assignment is to show your understanding of how to use single-subject assessment in your social work practice. 

WRITTEN PAPER (5 pages maximum). Include headings A-E in your paper.

A. Introduction (approximately 1 page)

1-Briefly describe yourself (demographic information).

2-Describe the target behavior, thought or feeling that this experiment is designed to change.

3-Describe the intervention and why you chose it.

4-State your goal for the target behavior.

B. Methods (approximately 1 page)

1-How did you operationalize and measure the dependent variable?

2-How long did the baseline phase last last?

3-How long did the intervention phase last?

C. Results (approximately 1 page)

Summarize your results. Include information on missing data and fluctuations in the data when applicable. Include a graph that illustrates your baseline and intervention phase results into this section of your paper. 

D. Discussion (approximately 1 page)

1-State what your study shows.

2-What are the strengths and limitations of your project in terms of the research design, intervention, measurement, and data collection methods?

3-Describe any challenges you had that contributed to the outcome (e.g., difficulties sticking to the intervention plan, problems with the data collection).

4-Describe any positive or negative experiences you had related to the intervention.

5-Was the intervention experimentally and or clinically effective? Why or why not?

E. Conclusion (approximately ½ page)

Do you think this type of assessment could be useful to help your current or future clients change a behavior? Why or why not?


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