Sex Trafficking in the United States

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Assignment: Perform academic research to inform your understanding of the complexity of the issue and write a report that organizes your paper in the following way:
⦠explain the issue and how it came to be
⦠illustrate the effect on the victims and/or the environment
⦠report on what is being done about it
⦠deliberate on what more can be done and/or explain how to bring awareness to the issue.
You may wish to include photographs, but they do not count as part of the 6-page minimum.

The paper must include:
⦠MLA format
⦠An interesting title that is connected to your thesis
⦠A gripping introduction with a strong thesis
⦠Well organized PIE paragraphs that lead from one to the next in a logical manner
⦠Strong transitions in topic sentences that create a relationship with the previous paragraph
⦠Support from a minimum of four (4) outside sources. Sources must be from the LPC academic databases (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or Google Scholar (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. You can use as many additional sources as you’d like, including film or interviews, but these must be in addition to the 4 sources you find through the databases or Google Scholar. While you can use sites like Wikipedia or general encyclopedias, they do not count as one of the required 4 sources.
⦠A minimum of eight (8) cited quotes, paraphrases, or summaries correctly cited in MLA format (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
⦠No more than two quotes from any individual source
⦠A conclusion section that looks toward the future, what can or should be done, and/or a call to action
⦠A Works Cited page

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