Session 2 Personality Test and Summary

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Session 2 Personality Test and Summary
The personality typology test developed by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Meyers is well known and often referred to as the “Jung Typology Test” or the “Myers-Briggs Test”. You may have already taken this assessment before. For this assignment, you will be taking this test (please take the assessment again even if you have previously completed it).
Go to the HumanMetrics website and take the brief typology test based on Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Meyers’ personality theory. This can be found by clicking on the link that says “Take free test” under the “Personality Test – Jung, Briggs Myers Types” section. Once you have completed the test, take note of your results. You will be assigned four letters to describe your personality. Click on the “Read full description” link that is available under your personality type’s results. Read this passage to learn about how this test would define your personality. After reading about your personality description, write a one page summary of your findings, answering the following in your paper:
What were the letters that were assigned to your personality?
What does it say about your personality?
Did the results surprise you?
How do these results compare with your own personal assessment of your personality from earlier in this course?
Is your personality something you have control over?

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