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Purpose of the Project: Predicting “What will be hot in 5 years?” Long term forecast. The “Future Culture & Lifestyle” project and report will be the culmination of your findings, research and predictions of a current or soon-to-happen innovation in technology, travel and leisure, and health and wellness, etc. to forecast an upcoming trend. Rather than targeting specific trends in the fields of apparel and fashion (don’t worry – we’ll be doing that for your final project), this report will challenge you to look at the world at large and see what trends, products, and/or services will be created in 5 years and why, based on today’s zeitgeist and 9 Key Drivers.
Using online databases, locate articles about the future – research cultural and social shifts likely to be seen. Everything sits downstream from culture: entertainment, politics, art and communication, brands need to take note, so they can take advantage of the prevailing zeitgeist.
Analyze all your information and evaluate which predictions seem to project current conditions into the future.
Also indicate anything you have analyzed from your observations and suggest what you feel will be the future long term social /cultural trends we will see five years on.

1. What is the current zeitgeist related to your prediction?
a. How does the zeitgeist influence your prediction?
2. What is the trend, product category, service are you predicting to be hot in 5 years?
3. Present your findings (research) to justify your prediction.
4. What Key Drivers are relevant to your consumers’ behavior and prediction? Consider as many of the 9 Key Drivers as possible.
5. Conclusion – recap your trend, product category, service in relation to your findings.

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