Select any airline such as American, Delta, Southwest, Emirate, etc., and compose a scholarly case s

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Use the APA Style Template a guide for completing this assignment. Delete the notes and fill in the template with your research.

Scholarly paper
Microsoft WORD (DOCX)
Current APA style
Times New Roman Font
Double spaced lines
Title Page
Page headers on all pages
Abstract page
Reference List Page
Body of the text includes the following:
Introductory paragraphs
Minimum of TWO FULL pages in the body of the text
Provide data from research utilizing a minimum of TWO primary sources OUTSIDE of the course textbook.
Case Studies:

Case 1.4 Business Case: Commercial Airline Industry


Businesses are always striving to improve their business processes so that they might develop a competitive advantage over the other enterprises in the industry. One highly competitive marketplace is that of the commercial airline industry.

Commercial airlines, small and large, domestic and global, have all embraced implementing the modern information systems technologies that are driving the on-demand economy.

Case Study Assignment

Download and utilize the APA Style Template.

Select an airline such as American, Delta, Southwest, Emirate, etc., and compose a scholarly case study paper that provides details on one of the information systems that has been implemented by the company in the area of human resources, sales, and marketing, customer service, reservations, maintenance, or operations. Be sure to select an information system that has resulted in the airline gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors. Touch on how the utilization of the information system has assisted the airline’s management or employees in making better decisions, improving the business processes, operating more efficiently, or attracting or retaining customers.

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