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Exam Content

Imagine you have joined a start-up that is looking at leveraging SEO to build their online brand presence. They have asked you to present a case study based on a small company that uses SEO to build their online presence.

Instructions: Select a small for profit or nonprofit (NOT a national brand, NOT a franchise, and NOT a national company) website.

Write: A 1050 word paper in Microsoft Word that includes the following:

Introduce the company or organization you selected and the goals of the paper.
SEO audit – Please research what this is and discuss what it includes and why it is important. In what ways can a company or organization use this tool to better their digital marketing plan?
Analysis of both on-site and off-site optimization of the website
Evaluation of the links found throughout the site – are they clearly accessible, do they work, etc.
Discuss what key words are and select five keywords that the site is using for optimization.
A minimum of at least 3 suggestions to improve SEO rankings and what benefits you feel the company or organization will receive from implementing them.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and use at least TWO research sources, in-text citations, and an APA reference page.

Submit your assignment in a Microsoft Word file, NOT a PDF..

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