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Identify a variety of scholarly and popular writings about Kautex Textron, as well as least two significant companies in the same industry (Plastic Omnium and Yapp).
See word doc for website links

Seek out scholarly journals, reputable trade magazines, official company reports from websites, newspapers, etc.
Review and summarize the key points of at least 5 sources about your company, and at least 5 sources combined about two of its competitors.
Remember that your goal is to gather enough information to paint as complete a picture as possible, so you may need more than 5 sources for each part.
Include in each review the focus and value of the information it contains.
Each review should be concise and accurate, about 200 words (± 50 words), though there is no set rule.

Include a title page and reference page, and apply strict APA formatting.
Organize your reviews in a logical and flowing manner. You should write your literature review in such a manner that it focuses on Kautex, its issues, or its competitor’s comparative issues so that you can subsequently incorporate it into your final paper.

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