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This item of assessment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your ability to undertake a detailed analysis of a firm’s strategic capabilities and external environment. Your evaluation of the firm’s internal and external environment should demonstrate understanding of the nature of entrepreneurial recognition, including the need for innovation and creativity that helps the organisation to exploit market opportunities.

Write a Sainsbury’s report in response to the following tasks:
a) Provide a brief introduction for your report. (200 words)
b) Critically analyse the internal resources and capabilities that give the organisation a competitive advantage. (600 words)
c) Identify the key drivers of change in the external environment and evaluate their impact on the entrepreneurial activities of the organisation. In your response, use an appropriate framework to analyse the external environment. (400 words)
d) Using Porter’s Five Forces framework and/or any other relevant tools, evaluate the impact of the main competitive forces that are influencing entrepreneurial activities and profitability within the industry. (600 words)
e) Write a clear conclusion that succinctly highlights the key aspects covered in your report in answers to the tasks above. (200 words)
Structure details and weighting
Your report should be structured as follows (additional guidance/requirements are given in bullet points):
• Introduction (200 words) (5%)
o Introduce your chosen firm and provide an overview that highlights some key aspects about its position within the sector/industry.
o Explain briefly how you are going to analyse the firm and highlight any relevant models/frameworks chosen and applied to support analysis in the report.
• Analysis of the firm’s internal resources and capabilities (600 words) (30%)

• Evaluate the impact of external environment factors on the entrepreneurial activities of the firm (400 words). (20%)
• Evaluate the impact of the competitive forces on entrepreneurial activities and profitability within the industry (600 words). (30%)
• Conclusion (200 Words) (5%)
o Highlight the main points covered in your report: showing, for example, how your answers have demonstrated the interplay between the company’s internal strengths/weaknesses based on resources and capabilities, external factors, and competitive forces within the industry.
o Briefly explain how the firm uses its internal capabilities and resources to achieve competitive advantage within its external environment.
• References and use of Harvard referencing style (5%)
o Use the Harvard referencing style and include a range of sources from academic literature, industry reports and other good quality and credible internet sources.
• Structure and presentation (5%)

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