RUA: Nutritional Assessment

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PowerPoint presentation. Please add the speaker’s note.
Don’t worry about the title and resource slides. I will add it myself.
I uploaded the PowerPoint, please use this template.

Please focus on:
Analyze the menus that the team has selected based on the following criteria and provide rationales for your analysis:
1. Healthy/unhealthy menu selections with rationale
2. Appropriate for nutritional requirements of age group with rationale
3. The influence of cultural and regional food practice with rationale
4. Does the menu selected provide adequate amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals?
5. Over the course of a full day and week, are individuals provided with a balanced diet?
6. Does this diet allow for differences in dietary patterns related to the culture or age?

Create Sample Menu (20 points/20%)
Create a single day’s replacement menu providing healthier choices for each menu analyzed, including the following:
1. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.
2. Age considerations, potential health concerns, cultural influences, and regional patterns.
3. Nutritional components of your food choices.
4. Explanation of why the sample menus are better nutritional options for both facilities.
5. 2 reference citations that support your choices included on the slide or in the speaker’s notes
Compare Menus (20 points/20%)
1. Compare each original sample menu with its corresponding replacement menu
2. Explain why the team’s menus are better nutritional options for your two facilities.
3. Provides at least two references that support your choices on the slide or in the speaker’s notes

Barriers (10 points/10%)
1. Detail a barrier to optimal nutritional value of meal plans
2. Detail a second barrier to optimal nutritional value of meal plans
3. Detail a third barrier to optimal nutritional value of meal plans
b. Barriers may include:
i. Geographic location
ii. Health of the population
iii. Culture of the population and surrounding community
iv. Socioeconomic challenges
v. Available food choices
vi. Other barriers, as identified
vii. Include reference citations to support key points, as needed

Facility – Long-Term Care Facility
Age Group – Elderly (over 75 years)
Culture: Military

Two Facilities:
1. ElmCroft
2. Nevada Veteran’s Home

Please see attached document for guidelines and the menus for both facilities. I uploaded some PDF resources that might help with the project.

Check out this presentation:

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