Research Reflection Paper

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Include an introductory paragraph that begins with an interesting hook to draw the reader in. (This might be important background information, history about the topic, your personal experience, anecdotes or stories of others, shocking current or past events, bold statements, shocking facts, quotes.)
Explain your research questions – what you learned about your topic from your preliminary NYT research and what you hoped to learn as you embarked on your deep dive into your research topic.
Include a section devoted to the highlights of your research – what you’ve learned and what research questions you’ve answered so far, summarizing at least ONE scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article in detail.
Include a section devoted to a controversy you discovered while researching your topic and include at least ONE source for each side of the controversy, summarizing each source in detail. Your sources might be from your scholarly research, your book or ebook, The New York Times, or other credible sources, such as documentaries, podcasts, TED Talks.
Include a section explaining what you see as the most important takeaway from your research and why—what you think others need to know about your topic, who needs to know, and why, summarizing at least ONE scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article in detail.
Use APA format for your in-text citations as you summarize your sources. Be sure to include the authors, titles, publication information, and working hyperlinks to your sources.

Use Research in the file below to address the requirements above.

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