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The final project assignment is to write a research proposal about a criminal justice system issue or policy. We are writing a research proposal only, we are not actually doing the research. Imagine yourself as a sociologist or criminologist who wants to know more about a crime or crime policy and you have access to a large budget to conduct your research.  What would you like to research? 

Information to include in your research topic paragraph might be: research question, ideas on methodology, ethical issues/concerns, theory or theories being used, etc. Why do you want to hypothetically study this topic? How would you hypothetically collect your data? The topic paragraph is useful for you to begin thinking about a topic for the final paper and so I can provide feedback on your selected topic. 

Please submit, in complete sentences, your proposed research topic in paragraph form. Please proofread your submission before submitting.  

Some possible research topics:

-How has the juvenile crime rate changed in the city of Utica from summer 2016 to summer 2017?

-What influences do prison social workers have on punishments given to prison inmates?

-What is the immediate impact of expanding probation as a sentence in Schenectady County?

-How has probation contributed to mass incarceration in the United States?

-Why do juveniles join gangs?

-How do the police use Facebook as a policing tool?

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