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Choose from the topics listed below. This will be your topic for your final paper. Your paper should reflect what you find interesting or intriguing about the topic.Find 10 potential scholarly resources for your paper. List these resources with hyperlinks, or ISBN in a Word document, and submit the document to the appropriate dropbox. This assignment need not be in APA format.  Choose a topic from the following list:The Epic of Gilgamesh: Then and NowThe Bhagavad-Gita: The Moral Dilemma of WarThe Iliad: The Humanity of AchillesThe Philosophy of Socrates: Know ThyselfPlato’s Republic: A Good SocietyVirgil’s Aeneid: Every Roman’s DutyThe Arch of Constantine: Propaganda in StoneThe Han Dynasty: A Society of Technological AchievementsEmperor Constantine’s Edict of Milan: The End of Christian PersecutionThe “Confessions of St. Augustine”: Unclean Body, Purified SoulGregory the Great’s Gregorian Chant: Sixth to the 21st CenturyBaghdad of the Ninth Century: International Trade CenterBeowulf: The Germanic Heroic WorldThe Vikings: English Monastery Raids of the 8-9th CenturiesThe Song of Roland: Heroism and HonorChinese Landscapes of the Tan and Song Eras: Mountains and MoodSt. Hildegard of Bingen: Composer and Mystic“Everyman”: Medieval Morality Play and Good DeedsThomas Aquinas’ “Summa Theological”: Whether man has free choiceAbbot Suger: The Exaltation of Stained Glass

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