Research Plan for Paper One

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This assignment should be done by the same writer as #11951

Using the corresponding prompt for this Paper One assignment, provide a research question, two sources, and a blurb detailing the significance of the content and overall research of your paper.

A research question is a question that your essay intends to address. In effect, your argument is the answer to your research question.

Provide two sources you intend to use and briefly explain how you intend to use them for your first paper. The blurb should be about 75-100 words and do the following: (a) summarizes the content of the document; (b) evaluates the authority or background of the author, (c) comments on the intended audience, (d) contemplates the reason why the document was created, or (e) explains how this work supports your argument. Note that you will need three sources in your essay, but you only need to provide two for the annotated bibliography. The sources are available on the assignment page for paper one. 

Finally, detail the significance. In other words, place your essay and its subject within the larger context of American society. What do the sources, and your essay, demonstrate about race and citizenship in American society?

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