Research Paper: Proposal Assignment

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My topic, which I selected is “Models of Church Polity (Church Government).”

Research Paper: Proposal Assignment Instructions


This is the first step toward your final research paper. A paper is written by beginning with the topic, initial research of primary and secondary sources, the formulation of a thesis statement, and building an outline. These are the main aspects of this assignment. The rubric will also require a brief preliminary conclusion.


Each student will submit a 1–2-page proposal which includes a thesis statement, preliminary outline and conclusion, and a preliminary bibliography listing no less than 2 primary and 4 secondary sources. Sources must follow the current Turabian format. A sample proposal is included in the module. No title or other front matter should be included.

A thesis statement is a single sentence that tells the reader what you will attempt to argue or prove (no introductory paragraph)

The outline should be 3 levels deep (each section should contain a main point, sub-points, and sub-sub-points)

I have uploaded an example of what the proposal should look like. Additionally, I have uploaded a final submission of the research paper based on the same topic for ideas to use in this proposal assignment.

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