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CRJU 708 – Leadership Development in CJ
Assignment 2 – Reactionary Paper to WEEK 2 and 3 Reading Materials Due Sep 29th
Incorporate all reading material for weeks 2 and 3 in responses. This is one integrated paper.
To better understand individual leadership styles, what is important about the various ways to lead in different work environments such as law enforcement or other criminal justice agencies.
Supervisory Styles of 1st Line Supervisors in Law Enforcement (R.S. Engel)
1. What type of training would police administrators need to provide to standardize supervisory style across all first line supervisors in a police department?
2. Why would it be important to examine long term patterns of police behavior and the effectiveness of long-term policies and strategies?
3. What are the benefits of a standardized leadership style in first-line supervisors in law enforcement? How would it improve relationships and communication with the team? How would it improve crime enforcement results? Relations with the community?
To better understand organizational culture based on accountability and moral justice. How does strong leadership qualities improve the workplace culture?
Corruption in the Workplace – Organizational Ethics through Effective Leadership – (Zuidema and Duff)
1. What procedures and attitudes are critical in establishing ethical values and behaviors in the workplace?
2. If you were the supervisor in a law enforcement agency, how would you establish protocols to instill high ethical standards, boost morale, and encourage values that support the goals and mission of the organization?
3. How does strong leadership prevent or control corruption in an organization that requires high levels of discretionary power such as a law enforcement organization?
4. Develop a plan to encourage ethical behavior and establish protocols to reduce the influence and power of “the brotherhood” that exists in most police departments. Describe how you would change culture.
Include at least two additional (separate from required) references to make your arguments.. Include in-text citations and a references page in the APA format. Minimum 6 pages.

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