Reaction Paper/ Use that one source please! Read the description carefully !

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Source to use only –
This week there is only one source !!!!
Please remember not to summarize but to give your own opinions and thoughts about the article. Also use criticism ! Please write a little more than a page. I will pay extra for it as a tip.
Students are required to write a reaction paper every week. Each paper must be at least 1 page (no more than 2) and 1.5-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. Reaction papers will be related to the reading of the week. You should read all required readings and compare and contrast the ideas. A reaction paper is not a summary; rather, it should include your perspective, ideas, and critique about the reading. A rubric for grading the reaction paper and a guideline for what to include in the paper can be found on the Blackboard’s Assignments tab. The due dates for the reaction papers will be Thursday at 1:30 pm every week.

Source for this week ! No outside sources

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. (2018). Global Report on Trafficking in Persons. Vienna: UNODC. Chapter-I

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