Radio City Music Hall

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**If you need to refer to the first essay you can do so. This is the second part of the essay. Please follow these instructions and label all questions in bold font. thank you

Act II. Bibliography: history, plans, images

Submit a research report that contains:
1.Architectural elevations and sections, with attributions.
2.Photographic images of exterior and interiors, with attributions.
3.Annotated bibliography: three sources (minimum one published source) containing historical and architectural information. Each annotation should be one paragraph in length, minimum, and contain detailed historical information about the following:

a. Original construction: When was the theatre designed and built? Is the theater a purpose-built or adapted performance space? If adapted, what was the original building designed for? What architectural changes were made when converted to a theatre? Who was the architect of the purpose-built and/or adapted space? Describe the architectural styles of the facade and interior elements.

b. What is the stage/audience arrangement? How are seats and sections in the auditorium arranged? Describe the dimensions and uses all the areas available to patrons.

c. What are the dimensions of the stage? What are the technological capacities for production? Discuss backstage, wings, fly space, etc.

d. Looking at historical photographs, maps, and GIS databases, describe the neighborhood in which the theatre was originally built. Was it residential, industrial, or retail? Was it a known theatre district? For what types of productions or audiences was the theatre built?

****Databases for historical research

NY Public Library Digital Collection: Streetscapes

NY Public Library Digital Collection: Photographic Views of NYC, 1870s-1970s

NY Public Library Digital Collections: Billy Rose Theatre Collection

NY Public Library Digital Collections: NYC Theatre Marquees

NY Public Library Digital Collection: Maps of NY City and State

Map Warper (NYPL)

Digital Culture Metropolitan NY

Museum of the City of New York

OldNYC (Mapping NYC history by blocks)

NYC Fire Insurance, Topographical, and Property Maps (NYPL)

Spotlight on Broadway

Guide to Researching the History of NYC Buildings, Gray

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