Race, Place, and Crime-CJ3301

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Please review the videos and answer the following prompt to the best of your knowledge…


Social structural theories point to economic and social strains, lack of social cohesion, and lack of opportunity as causes of crime. The two short videos above highlight the history and consequences of racial segregation and discrimination in housing and employment in the U.S. The authors of the textbook think that social disorganization theory helps explain racial and ethnic differences in crime rates, and other scholars have noted that many factors which promote strain (poverty, unemployment, etc.) are prevalent in racially-segregated communities.

Prompt: Do you agree with the authors of the textbook that “social structural theories remain the most viable explanations of group differences in crime rates” (Vito & Maahs, 2021, p. 158)? According to these theories, what significant changes in society need to occur and what types of policies are needed to prevent crime?

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